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With a portfolio spanning multi-asset classes such as boutique and luxury residential developments to redevelopment projects, group housing and hospitality, Venkateshwara Realty has successfully delivered over 400,000 sq. ft. of quality real estate across Pune in just a little over two decades.

Each project developed by Venkateshwara enjoys the luxury of intricate detailing, right from planning to execution, up to the delivery stage. The intelligent sourcing of the finest of material, deftly complemented with an inspired approach to planning, lends these projects a definite upper edge.

At Venkateshwara, we believe it is all about creating a better, safer and a more comfortable home; a home that is governed by the key principles of fine design, value appreciation and a sense of identity. Our constructions therefore incorporate ‘future-ready’ building solutions that ensure that a home designed and built by Venkateshwara will be a home for now, and forever!

At the root of all this lies the extensive man-hours invested in research and development and the fostering of an environment that encourages innovating and ideation. In a quest to achieve this, Venkateshwara Realty has over the years collaborated with international consultants and architects, to usher in global standards in construction.

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